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Business License Online Application

                                             City of Rosemead - NEW Business License Application

                                                   What you need to know to get started.

1. Business Registrations are renewed on a calendar year basis. 

2. Business start date is the first date your business started in the City of Rosemead. 

3. Employee identification #is REQUIRED.  Sole owner or partnerships are required to provide social security
#s for all owners/partners. LLC, Limited Partnership, Trust or Corporations are required to provide a FEIN or 
SEIN for the business. 

4. If the business is located in the City of Rosemead you must first contact the Planning Department to verify that your proposed location is properly zoned for your business activity. 

5. Payment will not be required until your application has been accepted. You will receive an email verifying 
the receipt of application. Within 10 days an email containing the amount due and instructions how to 
make payment on-line, as well as any additional information that may be required for your business activity. 

We wish you much success in your business venture.